Hello and Welcome

Hi there welcome to the Mental Workshop, I have created this space to give me a place to get ideas and thoughts out of my already overcrowded mind. I find writing is like a pressure release. I’m not quite sure how this will shape up, I hope you will add to it also.


Above all I want this site to be positive, which considering, I’m a manic DEPRESSIVE, may be hard to do, but I shall try not to be too dark.

Problems can be viewed positively, as new information, that are satisfying to resolve, and result in a better exsistant.

Getting it off your chest

Sometimes I just want to shout and scream at the top of my voice, like a pressure realease valve. It’s the frustrations of living in a world full of rules and regualtions that I didn’t sign up for, and alot seem to make no sense at all. It’s the trap, we all believe we are freely going about our business, doing as we wish, far from it. Unbeknown to most of us we are in a long game, the rules were set out by the governments of this planet years ago. Basically they operate on the principle that if given the chance most humans will fuck over their neighbour. But for this to happen constantly, we have to be kept apart, to breed the feelings of paranoia.

If we decide to work together and cooperate with each other, then the system falls down. SO stop thinking of ways to get ahead of everyone else, and start thinking of ways to get along with everyone else.

NZ International Comedy Festival

Hi there, if you are in NZ in April to May, you’re in luck, the comedy festival is on, I myself am doing a 1 hour show based on my experience of being sectioned, for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s being taken into care by mental health, it was an interesting journey and a bit scary too, lots of funny incidents to share, so come along.

Confirmed – MAD 27th April – 01 May 2010 Limelight Laugh Lounge, The Edge, Aotea Centre, Auckland.      0800 BUY TICKETS

Stand Up Comedy

Hi there here’s a bit of stand up comedy from me @ the Classic Comedy Club, Auckland, NZ. 09 /09/ 09


I’m not sure who’s madder?

Hi there, i’ve just been posting on my other blog, thechickenkeeper, and what I was blogging about is the added Omega 3, being put into our food, by artificial means, what im about to say goes for organic foods too,

Not that many years  ago we used to all eat organic food, because we didn’t have complex insectecides, fretilisers and so, we let nature do it’s best, had been ok for centuries, then all of a sudden at the turn of the last century, so called clever scientists found ways of killing bugs with chemicals, and fertilising with chemicals, all in the quest to produce more food, however because of the added cost to the farmer to use these products, our food prices went up, that was the first con trick, for if they are producing more on the same sized land, surely that should have brought the price down??? or at least that should have offset the cost of the chemicals, and prices stay the same.

So now we have the exact opposite being told to us, organic producers have to charge more again, because they don’t produce as much as other farmers due to no chemicals, does that not offset the price too???????? evidently not. second con trick. Last but not least, since the introduction of battery farming for our meats, i.e chickens,pigs,cattle, the Omega3 levels have drastically dropped, due to lack of sunlight and sungrown feeds, so now again the bodkins in labs have devised a way to artificially put the omega back in, but guess what?? it gonna cost more, who’s madder, them for doing all of this, or us for putting up with it??????????


Hi there, what do we all think about this date, some may think of the London Olympics, others think of the end of the world as we know it, as many ancient cultures have predicted that in the year 2012, the world will stop. How they came to this conclusion is a mystery, however something is happening, the people who look to the stars for answers, say that there is going to an alinement of the planets in our sloar system that wil cause the Earth to temporarily stop spinning, this could spell disaster, for it is the spinning that keeps everything literally going, as the sun bakes the Earth in a rotisery fashion. Now this event is only suppose to happen every 35 million years, and we just happen to be here at the right or wrong time depending on your views.

Nostradamus is getting more and more coverage again, with his preditions of the world events, however not everything is a simple as that, for these words can be construde in many ways, i.e it’s life Jim but not as we know it, so the end of the world, could just mean the end of an era.

please let me know your thoughts.

Writings on the Post

Hello, I believe there is an exercise called writings, where you just sit down every morning with a pen and paper or keyboard, and write a thousand words. It doesn’t matter what words you write, it does not have to make sense, you could if you chose to write the same word over and over til you reach a thousand.

I believe this is supposed to free you up in the practise of writing, a tool to assist those with writers block, the name given,when a writer can not write.

I awoke this morning in a bad frame of mind, a job that I went to see yesterday, which is beyond my experience, I know I can do it, but not in the time frame alloted, so I asked a colleague for help on the job, as he often calls me when he needs help with his work, I hardly ever say no, but he was just was not interested in helping me at all, could not wait to hang up the phone on me. So today I have to take the plan back to the client, and tell them that I can not do the job for them, wasting their time, is probably how they will view me.

This is called Good Friday, it does not feel like a good friday to me. I said at the beginning of this blog that I would try to keep it positive, I know there will be positive posts, but I think the main reason I really started this blog is to get things off of my chest, so to speak, mainly so I don’t bore my partner with endless ravings on everything and anything.

A thousand words is alot of writing, as I look down in the corner of this window, I can see the little word counter is only registering three hundred and fourteen.

One of the other situations that has me in a bad mood this morning, is that my partner is going to the uk in a few weeks, my mother has said she will pay for my son to come over, so she can see her grandson again, so it’s just me that has to find the funds, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen for me, not without using the dreaded credit card, and we all know that’s a slippery slope,…….. that’s why I wanted help with the job, to get the airfare home.

On the positive I know I can get the money together, infact considering my bi-polar, I think I can be a very positive person, I am always looking for a way up, even in the darkest deepest well of despair, now that is a skill, put a ‘ normal ‘ person in that situation, they would probably crumble and shut down. There would be those ‘ normal ‘ people who would rise to the problem aswell, finding inner strengths that they didn’t know they pocessed.

On the subject of Inner strength, what exactly is that? How can it be measured? How does it differ from outer strength? I mean we can see a body builders muscles, we see how a strong person can lift a heavy weight and so on, but then that same person maybe be rendered helpless by their own mind, say for example they have a fear of spiders, then ask them to pick up a spider, powerless. So therefore the mind is more powerful than the body can ever be, the pen mightier than the sword, yet we still live in an age where the body is percieved as the more powerful, i.e , you are more likely to get the job, the girl, the pay rise, the respect,  if you LOOK right.

The nerds, geeks, weeds, and boffins of the world are still look apon us the underdog, someone to feel sorry for, give pity on, and so on, there is even a reality show on the TV called Beauty and the Geek, pairing up geeks with pretty girls to win a small fortune in cash, that’s entertainment. Because the public knows there’s no way a pretty girl is going to be interested in a GEEK unless there’s a pile of cash involved. Ugly is only skin deep, let’s face it though, no one wants ugly, sure everyone would love to win a free car, but not an ugly one, ‘ I won a Skoda, oh just my luck ‘

Maybe there’s a market for ugly goods, some people like the querky, the odd looking, a shop devoted to the ugly might be a winner, lets face it , you wwouldn’t have alot of competition, it would be a bit of a gamble, bu then I imagine people would come in just to see, just how ugly is the stuff inside, especially if you blacked out the windows claiming that it’s too ugly to be viewed by the general public, enter at your own risk, I think such a store would cause a stir.

Well i don’t know where is has gone or where it will end, or even if it makes any sense, but I have found it and interesting exercise all the same, it feels a bit like improvised writing, just start by taping away on the keys and see what comes out, and before you know it you’ve reached your thousand word goal, it helps if you keep referring to it, which makes me wonder how much of the articles in a newspaper is just filling in between the actual facts fo the story, a simple story of, for example, a factory fire at night, could be reported like this; Last night a factory in a suburb of Madrid burnt to the ground, no one was hurt.’, but that’s not interesting enough, it needs more humanisation,. Last night in the beautiful city of Madrid, the orange capital of Spain, the night sky was lit by a blaze of huge proportions, blah blah blah, Senor Gonzales, the night watchman, was overcome by smoke overcome , and it goes on……